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After Nickel Export Ban, Indonesia Moves to Curb Sales of Other Commodites. Why? – Bloomberg

Barges transporting coal are moored on the Mahakam River in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, in October 2021. 
Eko Listiyorini
Indonesia is the top exporter of coal for power stations and the biggest palm oil producer in the world. It also holds a quarter of all nickel reserves. So policy shifts in the Southeast Asian archipelago — such as new restrictions on coal shipments or a proposed nickel export tax — often reverberate across global commodities markets, roiling trading and pushing up prices for other countries that need the supplies. President Joko Widodo is nevertheless forging ahead with what’s known as resource nationalism, policies designed to get more benefit from the country’s natural riches for its 273 million people by restricting exports and encouraging more value-added processing at home. The going has been slow but there are signs the strategy is having an effect.
Coal and nickel. 



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