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Anupama 20 December 2021 Written Update: Shahs wonder why Anuj kept Malvika a secret – Republic World

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Image: A Still from Anupamaa
Anupama 20 December 2021 episode begins with Anu telling Anuj that she is not upset with him because he hid the fact that he has a sister, she is sad to know that she is not worthy enough that he could share his personal life with her. She further complained to him and mentioned that she always shared everything about her personal life but he kept such important information a secret. Anuj then tries to defend himself and even apologises to her when Malvika arrives and takes him away. 
As Anuj happily goes with Malvika, Anu stands alone silently and looks at them spending quality time together. Meanwhile, GK apologises to Bapuji, Baa and others for keeping this a secret and adds that he never got a chance to talk about Malvika. Toshu and Bapuji then say there must be a reason why Anuj had to hide the fact that he has a sister. On the other hand, as Malvka praises the food at the restaurant, Anuj tells her to try food cooked by Anu. He then changes the topic. Vanraj then walks to Anu and asks what happened to which she says that she is upset why Anuj kept Malvika a secret. Meanwhile, Kavya feels jealous of how Vanraj was first talking to Malvika and then Anu while ignoring her. 
Later on, Pakhi tells everyone that Malvika keeps travelling from country to country by looking at her social media account while Baa worries about whether Malvika will be comfortable having Anu in the same house. Malvika then tells Anuj and GK that she wants to go home and as they leave abruptly, Anuj asks Anu whether she is coming with them. Anu then informs her that Samar will drop her. In the car, as Anuj drives, Malvika feels anxious and removes her earrings and ring. On the other hand, Kavya worries about Vanraj falling for Malviak while he says that he is only focussing on his career now. Anuj then goes to Anu’s house after waiting for her to come to his place. he then asks why didn’t she come to his place. Meanwhile, Malvika asks GK about Anuj to which he says that he has some work. Malvika then asks whether he is with Anu. 
In the next episode, as Anuj speaks his heart out to Anu, he cries while resting on her lap. Even nu gets emotional on seeing him. She then gets stunned on seeing Malvika at the door. Malvika then asks Anuj why did he share their family’s private information with outsiders. 

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