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Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd January 2022 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd January 2022 Written Episode – Catch up on the latest episode of the
Indian drama serial on Zee Tv! Here’s what you can expect in this episode: What Virender is
planning to do to leave Lakshmi. Also, how will Malishka make her mother the best she can
be? All these questions and more will be answered in this updated episode.
Rishi’s thoughts on Lakshmi
In the latest episode of Bhagya Lakshman, Rishi reveals that his family had made a mistake by
not letting him celebrate the ‘Bagya Lakshmo’ festival. In the episode, he describes his
reaction to Lakshmi’s absence and how he feels.
After hearing about the misunderstanding, he tells Lakshmi that he can’t help her, and she
accepts his apology. He asks her to read the papers that he has given her. Lakshmi is about to
leave when Rishi catches her and holds her down
. Rishi explains his reasons for bringing her
back and asks her to read the papers.
Lakshmi is shocked by Rishi’s sudden, unexpected, and unwelcome behavior. The pair spend a
few minutes alone. In the evening, Rishi meets Virendra in the office to discuss her divorce
papers. The two begin to converse. Lakshmi realizes that whatever she lost was never hers to
begin with.
Later, Lakshmi appears to reunite with Rano and Neha, and she tells her that the two men
have been separating. Rishi is furious, but is worried about how the two men are doing. Rano,
however, is upset with Lakshmi for playing with his emotions. She is also worried that she
won’t be able to find a new job, but she promises to make things right with him.

At the end of the episode, Lakshmi asks Rishi to sign the questionnaire that she handed her.
Rishi is horrified when she sees the letter. The letter he writes is a letter to his mother,
Lakshmi. She wants him to do the same. He explains that he can’t do that, but she is still in
trouble with his family.
When they arrive, Malishka hugs Viraj while dancing. After she sees the dance, she tells dada
ji about it. Ayush and Abhay also tell dada ji about it. She is upset about this. Lakshmi tells her
dada ji that she will have to do something to make sure her family is happy and has no

Later, Rishi talks to Virender about his conversation with Lakshmi. He reveals that he wanted
to leave but he couldn’t convince Aayush. He also tells her that he would be leaving Lakshmi
tomorrow. This leaves Lakshmi confused and upset. Ayush tries to convince Lakshmi to stay,
but she refuses.
In the episode on the 29th November 2021, Viraj and Lakshmi are dancing. Malishka applauds,
and she asks Rishi if he and Lakshmi have a good dancer. Then, she goes back to the house
to talk to the nyanjali again.
Virender’s plans to leave Lakshmi
Virender has plans to leave Bhagya Laxshmi in January 2022, but the two don’t know why.
Neelam asks Virender why he would want to leave, but Virender tells her that he already
planned to leave. Aayush is confused and wants to find out why Virender has such a high
opinion of him.

Virender’s father has been worried that he might leave the house for good. He is also worried
about his daughter’s safety. He has asked Neelam to intervene. The couple leaves the Oberoi
Mansion and Lakshmi begins to imagine herself performing grah pravesh with Rishi. When the
Inspector comes to investigate the murder, Virender feels bad about not telling Neelam about

his plans. Lakshmi remembers how Virender has lied to her and how she responded to her
question. Then, she thinks of all the moments she spent with Rishi.
Virender realizes that Malishka is cherished by his Rishi. However, he is still unsure why he is
doing this. As a result, he asks Neelam to help him. Rishi asks Rishi why he is leaving, but
Virender insists that it is only a small venture.
Virender’s plan to leave Bhagya Lakhmi in January 2022 is not an easy one. The two partners
end up fighting after he supports LAKSHMI’s decision to leave. This shocks both Virender and
NEELAM, and RISHI is confused. The two get together again after Lakshmi reveals her plans
to him.
Virender is not happy with his current situation. He wishes he could go back to his normal life
and live a happy life with his conventional better half. The couple’s marriage is not going well,
but Rishi encourages Virender to make his decision. He tells him that he has fallen in love with
Malishka and now wonders about the happiness of other girls in the world.

Satyam’s death is a tragedy for the entire family. The car that he was riding in was blown up
by a bomb. After he dies, Purvi wonders why Satyam had died. The truth is that Virender had
an open heart. This decision is not the easiest to make, but he is sure that his new wife will be
During his deep sleep, Rano takes a thumb impression of Lakshmi and offers her a bag full of
cash in return. The two sisters are happy, but Lakshmi wants a divorce. As a result, Virendra
asks Lakshmi for alimony and Neelam reminds him that he is ready to divorce Lakshmi. The
Oberois refuse, but the king is not ready to take a divorce yet.
Virender is convinced that Hirabai is hiding something, but the kids are afraid to talk about it.
They are afraid that he will hurt them. When he finally talks to her, she realizes that her father
has been threatening to leave Bhagya Lakshmi in January 2022. A peon tells them to let the
kids go. They are scared, but the Peon tries to convince them to come clean.
Malishka’s vow to make Lakshmi what she can do
In the beginning, Rishi is not too happy about Malishka’s desire for Rishi. Virender thinks he
can live with the conventional better half but now he wonders whether young ladies still exist.
Rishi also wonders whether they can live together without conflict
. Virender is a good man and
he tries to make Malishka happy, but he has to face some difficult decisions to achieve this.
When Rishi and Lakshmi are about to marry, the mandap collapses on Rishi. Rishi is pinned
under it. Luckily, Lakshmi comes to save him and takes him inside her house. Ayush insists on
calling Neelam “love kiddish”, but Lakshmi tells her that she was the one who saved Rishi.
Rishi, on the other hand, is in a store with Lakshmi. He asks Malishka to make her what she
can do, and Maliska gives befitting responses. However, she behaves badly when the store
manager scolds her. So, she hurries to another section. As Lakshmi is browsing the jewellery
section, she comes to meet Rishi.
Later, Malishka’s vow to make Laka what she can do is a good reminder of her love for Rishi.
She is determined to prove to Rishi that she can do the things she vows to do, and she will.
But, as Lakshmi continues to work hard, she makes mistakes. And the mistakes she made will
come back to haunt her.
The story continues as Lakshmi is leaving the Oberoi Mansion. While she is away, Lakshmi
recalls the incident with Rishi and her eyes. She recalls what Rishi had told her
. Then she
thinks of how she had saved Lakshmi from the speeding motorcycle. In the background, a bell
Rishi, who is concerned about this, asks Rupali to help. She says she needs construction
material and 15000 rs., but the girl says she is not interested in money. The kids then warn
Rishi not to be with Panna Pari, which is her favorite dish. Then, she orders Rishi to sign the
papers with a kajal pencil.


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