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Covid Omicron News Updates: WHO chief Tedros says there is now 'consistent evidence' that Omicron is spre… – Economic Times

Economic Times | 21 Dec, 2021 | 11.02AM IST
– Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad
– BJP MP Jugal Kishore Sharma
– reads an official statement of the State government
– Ritesh Agarwal, CEO, Oyo
– Manu Kapoor, senior VP Samsung (India & SW Asia)
– Uday Kotak, MD-CEO, Kotak Mahindra Bank
– Vineet Mittal, Chairman, Avaada Group
– Sumant Sinha, Chairman-MD, ReNew Power
– South African Medical Assn Chairperson Dr Angelique Coetzee, first to detect Omicron, to ANI
– Cricket South Africa
– Cricket South Africa
– Competition Commission of India
– Competition Commission of India (CCI)
– Health and Family Welfare Minister Mansukh Mandaviya
Shelf-Life Extension of COVAXIN® #covaxin #COVID19 #covid #BharatBiotech #pandemic #environment… https://t.co/XMRYJ8lUYe
– Union Minister Kiren Rijiju, in Delhi
– Union Minister Kiren Rijiju
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