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Dulceria Near Me

Dulce De Leche – Is a Dulceria Near Me Worth the Drive

A good place to find delicious Dulcerias is close to home. There are several nearby locations that serve these sweet treats, including Reyna’s Candy and Su Dulceria. These places are known for their friendly service and democratic prices. Read on to find out what your options are. Is a Dulceria near me worth the drive? There are many reasons to eat Dulce de Leche and have more than one bite!

Su Dulceria

If you’re in the New York area, make sure to check out Su Dulceria. This Chilean panderia has won praise from the New York Times for its delicious tartas, alfajores, and sandwiches. The owners are Chilean and banker Daniel Minzer, who also loves good food. The desserts at Su Dulceria are both authentic and delicious. Try one of their famous “pandas,” which include alfajores and other types of sweets.

La Dulceria Mexicana

There is a La Dulceria Mexicana near me. If you are looking for some Mexican sweets, this may be the right place for you. This location offers a wide variety of treats. Many people enjoy shopping while taking time out of their day. Not only is it a good way to pass the time, but it is also a great way to get some quality sweets. It is close to many areas, including Downtown Los Angeles.

Reyna’s Candy

Looking for a Reyna’s Candy near me? You’re in luck. The company is expanding throughout the country. The first US location will be located in New York City in spring 2022, says Nicki Laborie, the owner of Bar Reyna on King. Laborie first worked together on the business in New York nearly 20 years ago. They have been partners ever since.

La Dulceria New York

Founded by Daniel Minzer and Marco Matheu, La Dulceria New York was the first gourmet pastry shop in the country to be sponsored by Wines of Chile. Founded in 2013, the bakery has been a huge success, attracting thousands of customers daily. The shop produces over 120 different types of desserts daily and is completely free from additives, artificial colors and flavors. The menu features a variety of flavors, from pan amasado to naranja-manjar to torta amaro.

The owners of the bakery are a couple of chileans, Daniel Minzer and Marco Matheu. The couple met while studying at Culinary School in New York and became friends. Marco and Andres have also worked together in leather confecation, and Felipe met Daniela through Instagram. The business’s vanguardista aesthetic made it an obvious choice for the New York Times. After seven months of hard work, the bakery opened its doors to the public.

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