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Dying Light 2 Update

Dying Light 2 Updatex

The Dying Light 2 update is on the way, as Techland announced the news back in May. While the first paid DLC was delayed, the new update is already here! This update adds Harper, a Nightrunner, to the game, and tasks players with taking down three new enemy types: the Volatile Hive, Mutated Infected, and Volatile Tyrant. If you want to find out more about the upcoming update, read on!

New game plus mode

Techland announced a new game plus mode for Dying Light 2 in late March. The long-awaited addition is finally here! The new mode will increase the difficulty level of the game and add platinum objectives for those who have completed the game’s parkour challenges. Additionally, the new update will add more in-game content, including a new mode for cooperative play and an increase in the number of inhibitors.

New challenges

There are many different ways to challenge yourself in Dying Light 2. The game has plenty of parkour challenges, as well as Nightrunner Trials. Techland added Nightrunner Trials at launch, and is currently adding more. In addition to parkour challenges, you can now complete the Flying Scorpion, a checkpoint-based challenge in the Garrison district. Defeating this challenge in under 10 minutes will earn you a gold medal. You can find the locations of all five challenges on TechlandGG.

Improved blood effects

Dying Light 2 has received a new update with improved blood effects and a host of bug fixes and quality improvements. The update is now available on the PC, PS4 and PS5 and is compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series X. To read more about the game, please check out our Dying Light 2 review. The game is a zombie survival game. You will need to hunt down hordes of infected and kill them all to survive.

New quests

The latest update to Dying Light 2 comes with new quests for players to take on. The first of these new missions, titled Something Big Has Been Here, introduces the elemental Goon variants. This should satisfy fans of Dying Light 2 despite the short main story. This update also fixes numerous bugs and makes the game more stable. The game’s UI and UX have also been improved.

More DLC for Dying Light 2

If you are looking for additional content in the video game, Dying Light 2 has you covered. As a fan of Dying Light, you probably know that more content means more games, but are you aware of more DLC? This article will cover some of the most notable DLC for this game. You can purchase it through the official Dying Light 2 website. We hope you enjoy it! If not, you can purchase more for it on Steam.

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