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Eight MBTA Bus Riders Hospitalized After Crash in Boston

Eight MBTA Bus Riders Hospitalized After Crash in Boston

After a deadly crash in Boston on Friday, eight MBTA bus riders have been taken to the hospital. The crash involved a bicyclist who was trying to remove his bicycle wheels from the trolley tracks when the bus struck his bike. The bicyclist was pronounced dead at the hospital. The bus struck the bicyclist in the rear.


A crash in Boston has left eight MBTA bus riders hospitalized. The MBTA is investigating the accident and has ordered an investigation of the bus operator. The accident happened on Friday morning, just before rush hour. The bus operator was allegedly drinking and had no license. Investigators have since arrested him, but they haven’t concluded what caused the crash. The local district attorney’s office has also launched an investigation.

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In June, an MBTA bus ran a red light and hit a trailer filming a Sandra Bullock movie, killing a woman on board. The bus driver swerved to avoid another car making a U-turn in front of the bus. This caused the bus to crash into a building on Dudley Street. Since the crash, the MBTA has increased its bus safety policy. Drivers are required to complete a special defensive driving course.

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At least eight MBTA bus riders were injured after a crash in Boston last week. The accident happened on the Green Line. The collision resulted in the death of a man whose arm was lodged in the train’s door. His body was later found 75 feet inside the tunnel. The accident, according to a transit police report, occurred after the train stopped for an “unspecified mechanical issue” and continued to Alewife Station and Downtown Crossing station. MBTA officials determined the train had been involved in the accident after it had made ten stops.

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Another recent bus accident has put the lives of eight riders in a Boston hospital. The crash occurred near a red light on Huntington Avenue. The bus driver and two passengers were arguing when the bus hit parked cars, injuring six people. The National Transportation Safety Board has not yet sent a team to the scene to investigate the incident.

MBTA’s Mobility Center

A bus carrying eight people was struck by a vehicle near Nubian Square in Roxbury. The crash occurred when the driver swerved to avoid a car making a U-turn in the roadway. As a result, the MBTA bus struck a trailer and struck a bicyclist who was trying to get off of the trolley tracks. The bicyclist was later pronounced dead at the hospital. The MBTA buses provide around 4.5 million trips a year.

MBTA bus driver

The MBTA bus driver was cleared of all charges after the crash, but a new investigation is underway into the crash. An investigation into the cause of the crash will focus on operational testing and internal oversight of the bus driver. It will also look into whether the bus driver was fit for duty and had any violations. The driver was placed on paid administrative leave following the crash, but his name has not been publicly released. A local TV station, WCVB, has identified the driver.

MBTA’s failure to recognize unsafe conditions

After a deadly crash in Boston, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) began an investigation into the MBTA’s safety management system. The investigation came after an escalating series of safety incidents, one of which resulted in the death of a passenger. During the inspection, the FTA found a number of other safety failures, including two train collisions on the Green Line, two derailments of construction equipment, and a derailment of the Red Line at Kendall/MIT station. Additionally, the FTA found that MBTA derailments were above average in recent years, and injuries from light rail collisions were nearly ninety percent higher than the national average.

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