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The El Diario Nueva York is the largest Spanish-language daily newspaper in the United States. It is also one of the oldest newspapers in the country. Its circulation is large and it is known for its moderate left-leaning bias. Founded in 1873, the newspaper has become an essential part of New York society. Although owned by ImpreMedia, the paper is not known for its editorial board. The company does, however, have a web site.

El Diario is owned by ImpreMedia

Earlier this year, the news organization laid off thirteen employees, six of them editorial staff. This decision came amidst a dramatic downturn in the ad revenue of large U.S. newspapers. The new CEO, Gabriel Dantur, said that the paper would continue to print but that more efforts would be made to promote digital communications. He later denied the allegations that he intimidated or threatened his employees.

It is a Spanish-language daily newspaper

Published in the Spanish-speaking community, El Diario New York is one of the oldest Spanish-language daily newspapers in the United States. Published daily, it reaches 4.6 million people and is the second largest Spanish-language newspaper in the country. Its circulation is estimated at 286,351 copies a day and one million copies a month, more than six times its total paid readership.

It has a moderate left-leaning bias

This newspaper has been on the forefront of immigration reform since its beginnings. Its moderate left-leaning political news is often factual, and often comes from reliable sources, such as BBCMundo. Despite its left-leaning bias, El Diario NY is consistently voted one of the most trusted and popular newspapers in New York City. It is owned by Copesa S.A. and has been in New York City for one hundred years.

It has a large circulation

The New York edition of El Diario, a Spanish-language daily, has a large circulation and an audience of 4.6 million Latinos. It reaches 56 percent of the Latino population in the United States, making it the second-largest Latino media market in the country. The publication has a circulation of 286,351 daily readers and an estimated 1 million readers monthly, a number that is six times larger than its paid readership.

It has won many awards

In addition to its editorial excellence, El Diario NY has won numerous awards for its reporting and editorial content. In the Jose Marti Awards, El Diario won a Silver Award for Outstanding Hispanic Daily. It was also honored with a Bronze Award for Outstanding Publication Website. A list of El Diario’s awards is below. Here are some of the most notable:

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