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Free Government Phones

Free Government Phones

The Lifeline Assistance program offers both free and cheap smartphones for those with limited income. These phones are usually outdated devices that are still excellent, but not as popular as newer models. Because of this, manufacturers and carriers often offer discounts on older models. However, if you’re looking for a free government iPhone, it is extremely unlikely to find one on the market. In addition, most carriers will discount Android devices, so you’re likely to find a free government phone if you’re an Android user.


NBC News recently conducted a superficial analysis of the Lifeline free government phone program. The program is administered by Global Connection Inc. of America and provides low-income Americans with free and discounted monthly cell phone service. Lifeline Assistance offers different plans, refill options, and geographic areas. The program provides a telephone with unlimited talk time and texting for up to 250 minutes. Lifeline Assistance plans are also eligible for the program’s national and local emergency services.

Boost mobile

Boost Mobile is a popular MVNO carrier in the United States that offers free government phones and internet. The company is part of a government program operated by the FCC. To become eligible, a person must complete an application that takes about five minutes. After approval, he will be provided with a unique promo code that tracks his enrollment and funding amount. The phone will be free of charge for a certain period of time.


If you qualify for a subsidy, you can receive a free Verizon government phone. The program gives out monthly wages to elderly and disabled people. More than 8 million Americans receive this assistance. To qualify for a free phone, you must be on the government’s Supplemental Security Income program. After the free plan ends, you’ll have to pay 45 cents per minute. The government offers a list of phones available to qualifying individuals.


If you qualify, enTouch Wireless offers free government phones to customers who qualify for Lifeline assistance. While the exact phone models aren’t specified, the company does offer moderate deals that can be upgraded. This service is free and available in 20 states, as well as in California’s Tribal area. To be eligible for the service, you must qualify for the program by making your income less than 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

To get a QLink free government phone, simply visit the website and enter your email address, zip code, and password. Then, click ‘log on’. You’ll find a list of all your phone’s features and remaining minutes, as well as how many you’ve used. Some provider sites also allow you to upload documents and fax in applications. Then, follow the instructions to register. You can also upgrade your phone from a free version to a higher end model for a nominal fee.

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