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Google Photos Update Brings Repositioned Row Of Options – Android Headlines

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Android Apps & Games / Google Photos Update Brings Repositioned Row Of Options 
Google Photos is one of the most versatile cloud media storage services regardless of the platform you’re on. The “hold-to-select” option lets you quickly share your photos/videos, add them to an album, and perform various other tasks. The feature is now getting a minor tweak with the row of options appearing at the bottom instead of the top right of the screen.
This is a crucial change considering the size of modern-day phones. It is designed to quickly let you select a bunch of photos and share, archive, or delete them without switching to the other hand. Android Police notes that the feature appears with the stable version of Google Photos version However, it doesn’t appear to be widely available at the moment.
The bottom sheet also contains options such as your frequent contacts plus a carousel of albums you recently edited. The latter allows you to quickly add the selected images or videos to an album with a couple of taps.
The top left of the screen displays a counter denoting the number of images/videos you’ve selected. With all the options now appearing at the bottom, this feature may be unsettling at first. However, it’s a welcome change, particularly on phones with larger screens.
Notably, using hold-to-select on Photos now offers more options than the previous iteration of the app. The bottom bar contains options like Share, Add to, Trash, Move to Archive, Delete from device, Edit location, and Move to Locked Folder.
It’s worth noting that this bottom row of options already exists on the iOS version of Photos. So it shouldn’t take too long for all Android users to see this feature eventually. Be sure to drop a comment below if you’re seeing the repositioned row of icons on your Android device.
The Photos app has seen several crucial changes over the past few months. Google finally decided to bring “Locked Folder” to the app at I/O this year. However, the feature was exclusive to Pixel devices until recently.
Adding photos or videos inside this new folder provides an additional layer of security. Content stored inside Locked Folder is saved locally on the device, thus avoiding the trouble of going through the cloud.
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