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Jelani Day Update

Jelani Day Update

In his latest jelani day update, Dr. Bezner explains that the autopsy report revealed that Jelani Day’s body was found in the Illinois River. It was badly decomposed. Coroner’s report notes no eyeballs, no jawbone, missing teeth, and organs liquefied. The body‘s decomposition makes it difficult for a private forensic pathologist to find any organs, including the brain. The investigation continues, and Bezner is searching for a plausible scientific explanation.

Armen Bolden-Day

The family of Jelani Day is still in shock over her death. The 25-year-old ISU student last seen on camera on August 24 was not found until September 4, 2021. Her body was found in the Illinois River. Her mother, Armen Bolden-Day, is calling on people with information to come forward. Bolden-Day says she believes her son would never hurt himself and would not have killed himself.

A $10,000 reward is offered by the FBI to help solve the mystery of the missing teenager. Police did not announce how Jelani ended up in the river, but the family believes she was killed by someone. Bolden-Day and her family want the FBI to take over as lead investigators in the case. They also want to know what Bloomington Police did to help them in the first month after Jelani went missing. However, the Bloomington Police declined to speak to the media.

Authorities have a surveillance video of a man allegedly knocking on the door of a home where Day’s body was found. The owner of the home didn’t know the man in the video, and he sent it to authorities believing it might be his son. While authorities are not naming anyone in the case, they are asking for the public’s help to identify the man. In the meantime, the investigation is continuing.

Jelani Day’s mother

The body of late graduate student Jelani Day was found in the Illinois River on Sept. 8. Her disappearance was reported over a month ago. Day’s mother, Carmen Bolden Day, spoke on Good Morning America and ABC News about her son’s disappearance and death. She said her son was ambitious and driven and was destined for great things. But the case is still very much open. She is now asking the FBI to take over.

Although the family of Jelani Day is certain that her son did not commit suicide, the investigation into her son’s death is not over. Her siblings have also released a statement about the missing body parts. They have asked for more resources for the investigation. Jelani Day’s mother has urged the community to continue searching for answers. Hopefully, justice will be served. After the autopsy, Day’s family will know what happened to their son.

In the aftermath of Jelani’s disappearance, her family has demanded answers from the police and the FBI. The police are still searching for clues and a suspect. While her family is heartbroken, they have no choice but to demand more information. They’re angry about the recent withdrawal of their friend Gabby Petito. But they will never give up hope, as she tells the family. And that’s the way it should be.

The autopsy report

The autopsy report of Jelani Day is filled with conflicting facts. The coroner says there were no signs of organ harvesting, but the body was Black. The autopsy showed that the body was missing almost all vital organs. In fact, it appears that Day was murdered at the age of 20. A second autopsy later confirmed this. Day’s mother, Hallie M. Bezner, says she is confused.

Day’s mother has said no organs were missing, but her lawyer told the Chicago Sun Times the opposite. Day’s siblings have now released a statement on her mother’s Facebook page. They confirmed that Day’s autopsy results were incomplete, and they have called on federal law enforcement to get involved in the case. However, many people believe that Day’s death is unjustified and should be investigated thoroughly.

Day’s body was found on Sept. 4, but it was not identified until Sept. 23. The family believes she was murdered. But the autopsy report cited by the LaSalle County coroner does not indicate that. The autopsy report states that Day’s body was in water for a few days. The autopsy report also states that Day’s organs were not missing, and the body had natural decomposition.

According to the autopsy report, Jelani Day died of drowning after her body was discovered in the Illinois River on August 25. However, her family still has questions about the autopsy report. They say there was no evidence that her body had been attacked or abused. In fact, the family has been calling for an independent investigation. And they have not given up on the case. So far, the autopsy report has been a source of conflicting information for the community.


The case of Jelani Day has garnered national attention, and has many curious people wondering what happened to him. His death became a national sensation after his mother took to social media to respond to users’ posts about his disappearance. Some users speculated that Day had been subjected to torture, mutilation, and organ harvesting. Other users shared their own stories about Day’s death on social media, and the mystery continues to unravel. The autopsy reports have shown that Jelani Day’s body was mutilated, and police have said that he was missing organs.

The case has a tragic twist. Jelani Day, a graduate student at Illinois State University, was last seen on campus on August 24. Her car was discovered the day after her disappearance. The body was found in the Illinois River, a few days later. In the meantime, her family and friends were left in the dark. Investigators did not find a suicide note or a cryptic message, and still do not know where she was.

Despite being severely decomposed, Jelani Day’s body was discovered in the Illinois River. Although the cause of death has not been determined, dental records and DNA testing helped match the remains to Day. Jelani was 25 years old when she disappeared, but her family continues to struggle for justice. If you are a student at Illinois State University, you might be wondering what happened to Jelani Day.


Earlier this month, the FBI released a surveillance video showing a man knocking on the door of the home where Day was last seen. It is unclear if the man is a person of interest or was in the neighborhood as part of his employment. The case remains open as authorities try to determine the circumstances of Day’s death. Though the man’s identity remains a mystery, investigators have no other suspects at this time.

Carmen Bolden Day, Jelani’s mother, said the body’s condition was so poor that DNA testing was necessary to identify it. The intense decomposition of Jelani’s remains necessitated DNA testing, and there were bite marks from turtles and fish on her body. Day never saw her son’s body before his disappearance. However, her grandmother viewed her son’s body before the funeral.

The case has been complicated by the fact that Day’s body was found floating in a river. Although police have not identified any suspects, they are putting a lot of resources into the case. It’s not clear what led to Day’s death, but the family is desperate to find answers. In the meantime, the community will hold a special memorial in her honor on Oct. 9. They believe it will provide closure for their loss.

New leads

The FBI has released a $10,000 reward for information about the disappearance of Jelani Day. Day, a graduate student at Illinois State University, was found dead in the Illinois River near Peru. The FBI hopes that the information from Day’s friends and family will help them catch the killer. They are conducting a nationwide social media campaign to find new leads. This reward is the largest one for a missing person since the case was first announced.

Since Day went missing on Aug. 31, her family has called for a homicide investigation. A task force has been formed that includes the Bloomington Police Department, Peru Police Department, the FBI-Chicago Division, the LaSalle County Sheriff’s Office, and the Illinois State Police. The public can submit anonymous tips by calling 1-800-CALL-FBI. Alternatively, the public can also submit tips by submitting them through a form on the FBI’s website or by calling 1-800-CALL-FBI.

Detectives have begun combing digital data to find additional leads in the Jelani Day case. Their efforts are assisting the LaSalle County sheriff’s office. The reward was announced as part of a national, multi-platform social media campaign aimed at finding new leads in the case. The reward comes in addition to forensic, analytical, and technological investigative methods. The FBI Chicago Field Office has offered support to the Peru Police Department.


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