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San Jose Shooting Today

San Jose Shooting Today Leaves 87 Dead

The San Jose shooting today has killed 87 people and left the gunman dead. The suspect also died and Police say he had 32 high-capacity magazines with him. According to the Police, the suspect barricaded himself in a shed and fired off the shots. A vigil was held in the streets to honor the victims, and the VTA light rail system was suspended for the evening. During the vigil, Mayor Sam Liccardo observed a moment of silence.

87 people were killed in the san jose shooting

At least eight people were killed in the San Jose shooting today. Authorities initially identified eight victims. The shooter, Samuel Cassidy, also worked at the facility. During detention in 2016, he spoke about hatred toward his job and the facility. He had a duffel bag containing firearms and magazines when he arrived. Authorities say that he was working at the rail yard when the shooting began.

Protesters in San Jose gathered along highway 87 northbound as police converged. They then marched to the San Jose police department. Demetrius Stanley, 31, was killed in the shooting by a police officer in his city on Memorial Day. Two officers were in the area when Stanley was killed. The suspect pointed a gun at an officer and opened fire. No officers were injured in the shooting.

Gunman also dead

Multiple people are dead, including the suspected shooter, following a shooting that took place at a San Jose light rail facility on Monday. The gunman, identified as Samuel J. Cassidy, was 57 years old and had been a VTA employee since 2008. According to the station’s employee profile, he was fired after setting fire to his home. Fortunately, no one was inside the home when firefighters arrived.

The VTA has suspended service in the area. The police and FBI are on the scene. Several victims were taken to hospitals. The VTA suspended service for the day and said buses would be substituted for light rail service. Meanwhile, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo encouraged people to treat each other with kindness. Authorities said the suspect killed himself. A motive for the shooting remains unknown. Among the injured are the two men.

Police say suspect had 32 high-capacity magazines

After fatally shooting nine people at a San Jose public transportation agency on Wednesday morning, the gunman also shot himself. The suspect was “highly disgruntled” and had a large stockpile of ammunition, according to police. As deputies arrived on the scene, the suspect shot himself. Police have identified the suspect as Sam Cassidy, an employee of the transit agency. Investigators believe Cassidy had a slow-burn device or timer set before he opened fire. The fire was reported minutes after 911 calls were made.

The gun he used was a Bushmaster XM-15, a modified AR-15-style rifle. The rifle was fitted with an attachable high-capacity magazine, which is illegal in New York. Authorities say the suspect purchased the rifle at a gun store near his home earlier this year. Police said the owner of the store confirmed Payton Gendron had a background check. During the investigation, police discovered two more guns in his car.

Police: suspect barricaded himself in shed

San Jose police are on the hunt for a shooting suspect who barricaded himself in a shed in the backyard of his home. Earlier, he had crashed his car and had fired several shots at officers. A brief chase followed. The suspect ultimately crashed his minivan and barricaded himself inside a shed in the backyard of his home. When police arrived, the suspect emerged from the shed holding a firearm aimed at officers. As officers approached the suspect, he opened fire, fatally shooting one of them.

Earlier this morning, police learned of a second shooting suspect in the city. In San Jose, a man barricaded himself in a shed and shot two officers. The suspect had previously been wanted in connection with two murders that happened on Tuesday night. The suspect’s identity is still being kept secret, but police are releasing his name in hopes of preventing more casualties.

Victim’s family hasn’t told 3-year-old son about father’s death

The San Jose shooting has left the victim’s family and friends reeling. The son hasn’t heard the news of his father’s death, but his mother hasn’t either. Lolita Singh, his widow and the mother of his son, is still in shock. She didn’t even tell her husband the news.

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